The lower case letters of the font “Glagolica Missal DPG” are oriented on the “Missal from 1483”,
while the capital letters are oriented on those of the print “Transit of St. Jerome” from 1508.

However, the single letters have all been slightly modified to achieve a harmonious optical impression.
In addition several letters have been adjusted for easier readability.

This font also provides various (in part up to quadruple) ligatures, as well as more special characters.

The individual letters of the font are underlined with the Latin,
the Cyrillic as well the Glagolitic unicode.
So nearly every Slavonic text can easily be converted to the “Glagolica Missal DPG” font.

The font is dedicated to the “Association of the Friends of the Glagolica (DPG)“
for their exemplary efforts regarding the research and preservation of the Glagolica.

For this reason the font has been named “Glagolica Missal DPG”.

Character chart

latin equivalence in Unicode for
»Glagolica Missal DPG«
cyrillic equivalence in Unicode for
»Glagolica Missal DPG«


Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić - »Croatian Tales of Long Ago« - How Quest Sought the Truth

Copy of the illustration on the right, written with the font
»Glagolica Missal DPG«
Example of a glagolitic text, from the book:
Abecedarivm Palaeslovenicvm in usum glagolitarum,
Vais, Ioseph; Veglae (Krk), 1917 (2.ed.), p. 48.
Example of a glagolitic text, from the book: Abecedarivm Palaeslovenicvm in usum glagolitarum; Vais, Ioseph; Veglae (Krk), 1917 (2.ed.), p. 48.

the song "Fala" (Thank you)

the song "Gde si sad, moj prijatel" (Where are you now, my friend)

System Pre-requisites

The font works with Microsoft-Word as well with

Working with the font

kerning and insert symbols


Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Germany

The exact wording of the license conditions can be found under the following link:

By downloading the font file the user expressly agrees to the license terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Germany.

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Information about updates

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If you can't read the letters on the image, download this .wav file to get them read to you.

The information provided will be used exclusively to inform users of the “Glagolica Missal DPG” font about changes and improvements to the font.

Installation manual

The installation can be arranged complicated by the Control-panel → Fonts etc.
But this is the most simple way to realize it:

  • download the Font-file on the desktop
  • start the Windows-Explorer
  • open the folder “Windows”
  • open the folder “Fonts” by double click
  • double click on the ZIP-file
  • drag the Font-file from ZIP into the Font-folder



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Glagolica Missal DPG”
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