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Font »Arvatica fra Divković«
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tica fra Divković«====== \\ \\ \\ =====A font for Croatian Cyrillic===== \\ \\ \\ All font characters of the Croatian Cyrillic alphabet are based on graphic solutions ... has been adapted to the actual conditions of the Croatian language in agreement with [[ member_of_the_scientific_centre_of_excellence_for_croatian_glagolitism_wins_the_national_science_award_of_th
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\ [[|Croatian Glagolitic Script]]\\ [[http://www.croatianhisto... 1/Nenad-Hancic-Matejic-from-Germany-created-a-new-Croatian-Glagolitic-font.html|Article in CROWN about the f... s/10164/1/Nenad-Hancic-created-a-new-high-quality-Croatian-Glagolitic-font-for-Windows.html|Article in CROWN
Glagolica Examples
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{{ :glagolica_1.print_book_1483.jpg?600 |First croatian printed book from 1483}} \\ ^ \\ ang... 2.ed.)\\ \\ ^^ | \\ //Styles of the croatian Glagolica, p. VII//\\ \\ | \\ //Example o... :glagolica_hrvatski_oblici.jpg?412 |Styles of the croatian Glagolica, from the book: Vais, Ioseph; Abecedari
Font »Croatica«
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raditions from different regions and centuries of Croatian Glagolitic culture together. For this reason I ha... the font to find use not only for the contemprary Croatian language, but also for all other Glagolitic and (
Font »Glagolica Missal DPG«
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ample_glagmissal.jpg?800|Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić - »Croatian Tales of Long Ago« - How Quest Sought the Truth}}
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a_cirilica_a1.jpg?850|August Šenoa - Preface of "Peasants' revolt", croatian cyrillic, handwriting style}}
Font »Vinodolski Zakon«
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ghts, written with the font "Vinodolski Zakon" in Croatian (PDF 5 pages) ^ | [[
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