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erals about the Law Codex of Vinodol ===== \\ ^ Script examples from the Law Codex of Vinodol ^ | {{:v... reminds a lot of elements of the Humanist cursive script. As a comparison, this image shows you an Italian... century.}}] | \\ Recently I began to learn the script characteristics of the Law Codex of Vindol, becau... the ancient writers how they used the Glagolitic script, formed it and finally transfered it into a moder
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ica/dpg.html|Society of friends of the glagolitic script]]\\ [[|Croatian Glagolitic Script]]\\ [[ onic Institute]]\\ \\ [[wp>Glagolica|Glagolitic script on Wikipedia]]\\ \\ [[
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\\ I first came into contact with the Glagolitic script on a visit to the Cathedral of Zagreb in May 1990... lagolica. My self-imposed objective to learn this script seemed very difficult with these sites. It took q... the grandeur of a text written in the Glagolitic script. \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ ==== Design of
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\ 40219 Düsseldorf\\ Deutschland\\ \\ \\ ====Kontakt==== <form> action mail Thanks "Danke für Ihre Anfrage" fi
Font »Arvatica fra Divković« @en
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ame way. In the history of the Croatian Cyrillic script several solutions for displaying the sound ‹j› ha... ossible doubts when reading the Croatian Cyrillic script. \\ \\ \\ ===In the end, the Croatian Cyrillic fi
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30\\ 40219 Duesseldorf\\ Germany\\ \\ \\ ====Contact==== <form> action mail Thanks "Thanks for your request" f
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eldorf\\ Deutschland / Germany\\ \\ \\ \\ ====Kontakt==== <form> action mail Thanks "Hvala za vaš upit" fieldse
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Croatica"==== \\ {{:glagolica_example_en.jpg?810|Script example}} \\ [[
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